Lauren KITTENS Abedini

Excellent n cool 4.78 stars 🐆 Producer | DJ | Intersectional Feminist ⚢ JBlanc@ParadigmAgency.com

Think it’s time to let the curls back out for a bitttt. Come thru with the product recommendations below pleeaase
Sometimes DJing isn’t so much about the whole party aspect as much as it’s about having a lil zen moment to myself no matter how many people are around and i just realized that moment seems to get caught on camera pretty often. Never forget most DJs, producers, artists in general are actually pretty lowkey introverted nerds
More attitude + more Rakim 2019
Preshow stretch ya knowwwww
Happy Christmasss🌹 Love to everyone whose holiday doesn’t look like we’re told it should. Celebrating with friends instead of family...Families that don’t have gifts or fit the traditional mold....People celebrating alone...new traditions are still just as meaningful✨
Hey the holidays are weird but can be extra difficult for people in need so here’s a reminder to go thru ur closets and donate stuff you haven’t worn this year to your local shelter. Most places set up ‘Christmas shopping’ experiences for their homeless/in need communities so you could make someone’s holiday a lil more pleasant. K byeeee
About to go lay on the beach wearing all my jewelry✨ Thanks @jaimeridge @tiffanyandco for adding these rings to my collection so I can be my most loud selffff #atiffanyholiday
I’m sitting in the airport alone eating mac n cheese and just dropped a cheesy noodle on my jacket then ate it. I hope someone saw that. Have a great day 🌹 (pic @maxfullard )
Had dinner at Tiffany’s now I’m moving in and never leaving and no one can stop me bye 💎 #atiffanyholiday @tiffanyandco
地點:Tiffany & Co.
Hometown shows are 100000.6% of the time always the best time as u can see be the individual curly sweat bang on my face. What cities should I come to in 2019? (@naftphotography )
Never has there been a time more important to stand up for a space dedicated to the health and support of women and their bodies. Photo by my angel friend @maggiewest for @plannedparenthood #STAND2018
If you don’t vote today and are able to u the biggest lame of all time also big big fucks to Donald Trump and any politicians supporting his agenda k bye
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