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You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch. Benedict Cumberbatch goes green in the animated holiday flick #TheGrinch – in theaters now. Will you be seeing the heart of Cumberbatch’s Grinch grow three sizes this weekend? 📸: @officina_maltese
She is the righter of wrongs. @spiderswebmovie - featuring Claire Foy’s version of the hacker and vigilante Lisbeth Salander - swings into theaters today. Will you be seeing it? 📸: @anais_dax
Director Bing Liu on working with the subjects of ‘Minding the Gap’ – which follows three skateboarders as they learn what it means to be a man: “It was like a four-year conversation. At times, it felt like this meta-conversation on camera: "I just filmed you abandoning your apartment, [and I'm asking] 'How do you feel about being in the film now?'" Most of the time they felt so included in the process that I think they felt comfortable.” 📸: @coralvz
‘Free Solo’ director Chai Vasarhelyi on why audiences are responding to her film that has “nothing to do with politics”: “We give people an opportunity to see someone who has this vision and actually does something.”
‘Three Identical Strangers’ director Tim Wardle on the four years it took to convince the subjects to sit down for the documentary: “Really it's just a process of earning trust.”
Execs, talent and watch collectors collide at the Garcia House for the THR x MR PORTER Watch Collectors cocktail reception. @mrporterwatches #MRPORTERWatches
Parker Posey is the big 5-0 today! Wishing the ‘Lost in Space’ star a happy birthday. photo: @austinhargrave
#HomecomingTV star Stephan James opens up about his career: "In a weird way, I feel like the rookie and the vet at the same time.” Have you been watching the actor in the Amazon drama? photo: @ericryananderson
Letitia Wright reveals her faith is a determining factor of her future in Hollywood: “God is just like, 'When I have something for you, it's going to be dope.’” photo: @millermobley
Often cited as the first non-hetero film superhero, Ezra Miller has long identified as queer: "Yeah, absolutely. Which is to say, I don't identify. Like, f– that. Queer just means no, I don't do that. I don't identify as a man. I don't identify as a woman. I barely identify as a human." 📸: @heatherhazzan
'Won't You Be My Neighbor?' director Morgan Neville discusses the nostalgia working on the Mr. Rogers film brought up: “Making the film was like 10 years' worth of therapy rolled into one production.”
Rashida Jones says she always intended 'Quincy' to be a deep dive into [her father's] life, but post-Trump it started to morph into a more political film on race: "My dad's life really maps out every single decade of what it's like to be black in America." 📸: @coralvz
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