Henry Cejudo

UFC Champion | “The Messenger" 2008 Olympic Gold Medalist. Author of American Victory/Wrestling for Dummies.

Technique of week: “Ali shuffle low single.” Opponent is a right leg lead, so you lead right and circle to your right. As your opponent follows it's creating a false distance to him and makes him think you don't have a shot. Little does he know we can either shuffle our feet or penetrate to the left side for the takedown. @calusawrestling @wrestling.russia #olympuswrestling
Throwback Thursday is going hard today. 2008 Olympic Team representing. Welcome to the @ufc @benaskren #champshipclub #2008olympicteam #worldchampions
Thank you for having us on your show @joerogan #joeroganexperience #joerogan
Hey guys tune in tomorrow to the @joerogan Experience as my science team at @neuroforceone and I discuss my training to optimize my mind, body and soul on route to becoming the #champchamp . Thank you for support. Tag your friends #joerogan #joeroganexperience
Congratulations to my brother @bbulldoguinho on his victory and becoming the WFF flyweight champion of the world. These last two days I flew to both of my friends fights who have helped me throughout my career. I have the best training partners and that is the reason why I am the best in the world. @ufc will be calling soon @bbulldoguinho #andnew #brunodasilva #irmaos #brothers 🇧🇷 🇺🇸
So awesome to see my friend 2012 Olympian @memotorres.wres compete and win his fight last night. At times it’s friends that encourage our hidden desires. It’s so cool to see my friend’s mma careers unfold when they are lead by great leaders. Can’t wait to see what the future has for this young man. #hermanos #brothers @combateamericas 🇲🇽 🇺🇸
I’ve recently started Round 2 with my sport science team NeuroForce1. This training is like nothing I’ve ever done before, I’m learning, feeling and using parts of my body I’ve never tapped into. Imagine that, Olympic Champ, UFC Champ and they’re still finding a way to “evolve” my performance. I’m really enjoying this journey, the days of heavy weight lifting, static stretching and wind sprints are over for me, I’m understanding that for training to really have an effect on my skill at this level it has to be extremely sport specific. I’m learning about creating functional range of motion, I’m starting to understand not only how to generate force properly but how to integrate my entire body from head to toe to do so, I’m incorporating my mind into every single micro-movement, and understanding that the purpose and quality of movement is more important than the quantity of movement. I’m training everything from my breath mechanics (who knew you could breathe wrong??), to my toe movement, for god sakes even my toes?! This training truly is revolutionary and I hope you guys follow the evolution...the evolution into Henry 2.0. @neuroforceone #trustbelieveachieve
Can’t explain how honored I feel to be part of the wrestling community. Six 年前發佈 when they tried to get rid of wrestling at the 2016 Olympics, we all came together and wrestled the world for it. Being at the Wrestling World Championship in Budapest, Hungary and seeing all these great athletes display art on the mats is second to none. You could be a UFC Champion, Super Bowl Champion, or MVP of any sport, but I can tell you “ being a world champion in wrestling is the hardest obstacle any person in sports could ever do.” It’s a great time to be a wrestling fan when you have the battle of Olympic & world Champions @sadulaev_abdulrashid and @snyderman45 (Russia vs USA) battling for gold and honor of their country. Sincerely, Wrestling second to my mom you will always be my first love. #wrestlinggroupie #wrestlingislife #hardestsportintheworld
#Repost @victordavilaufc with @get_repost ・・・ I will be in El Paso this Sunday with my brother El Niño de Oro Henry Cejudo @henry_cejudo don’t miss the opportunity to learn from this amazing athlete, I’ll see you guys on the mat, thank you @fitfamep for the shout-out nos vemos pronto 👊🏽😎
Are you guys ready for the rematch of returning Olympic Champions! Russia vs USA #synderlaev2 🇺🇸 vs 🇷🇺
Had the honor to present the World Championships Medals for 57kg at last nights award ceremony. You have no idea what it feels like to be honoring the honored at the most prestigious tournament in the world. It’s amazing to see how the sport of wrestling has embraced me as a legend. Thank you so much @unitedworldwrestling for this great opportunity. #budapest2018 #wrestlingworlds #toughesttournamentinsports #honored #wrestlingislife
A very secluded group here of American Olympic Champions. Steve Fraser 1984 🥇Bruce Baumgartner 1984, 1992🥇 🥇 Kenny Monday 1992 🥇 Kendall Cross 1996 🥇 Dan Gable 1972 🥇Henry Cejudo 2008 🥇#Olympicchampions #worldwrestlingchampionships18 #livinglegends #myheros #usawrestling 🇺🇸
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