•Harmony Bedikian•

💛2023💙 Chicken tender enthusiast

Sweater weather is my favorite kind of weather🍁🍂 • @madi6766 @alaynaschu22
Summer 2018 is a summer break to remember! Thank you to everyone who made it extra special❤️❤️
Only 10 out of the millions of pictures taken. • Marcia is the best sister in the world and she was able to marry a loving man that will put up with her. I’m so happy they are together because together is a beautiful place. Love you both so much❤️🎉
PT 2 because I miss them so much! ❤
Camp. Where the food is bland but the memories and friendships last forever • • • I've only know these fantastic people for 2 weeks but it feels like a lifetime. I was fortunate enough to have amazing cabinmates and meet amazing counselors that have changed my life for the better. The goodbyes were hard but they give me one more reason to go to Chicago. I can't wait till next year and to see these beautiful faces again. I love my shawnee sisters and my lovely new friends • • 🎶and come September, I will remember, my camping days and friendships too🎶
This is just the beginning 💕
Cedar point was so fun! Thanks to everyone for making it great! And good job on our superior rating! 💙😫