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“I influence the influencers” 💸Triumph United - CEO 💸Monster Energy - Director BJJ Black Belt under Dean Lister / Jocko Willink

Working the spinning wheel kick w/ @officialcainvelasquez Inspired by @joerogan ⚔️🤙#traineveryday
The first time I saw this technique was with #crocop where I learned my left head kick from. I never really understood how important it was until @bigwoodmma702 drilled and thoroughly explained it. There are two important fundamentals that are happening that can’t be achieved with Thai pads, or holding traditional Thai style. The first is a full rotation, the second is accurately utilizing the base of your fibula and tarsals. If your holding for this drill be extremely careful and go light at first letting your arm whip back and not stiffing up on impact, it can cause severe damage. If your kicking aim your foot and ankle towards the center of the pad for the kick and rotate all the way through. For me this def changed and helped me establish my head kick. 🤙 #headkick thanks Coach @montanamuaythai and @jasonmags_ for training. ⚔️⚡️
The new HYBRID 2.0 Mitt drops Sunday! The best dual punch and kick pad for speed and accuracy. I fine tuned the design and added a couple new features. Kevlar string, deeper hand cage, over all fine tuning. I design and test my #triumphunited equipment before it comes out. There are too many companies in this world that just slap labels on shit product just so they can sell it. I can’t and won’t do that. It’s not fair to the coaches, fighters and the sport. The equipment I produce is for those who want Quality from #thailand 🇹🇭 not Cheap mass produced product. The main difference is that as the owner of the brand, I USE the product everyday. I guarantee that there aren’t many brands that have a CEO who puts in work like this. I’m committed as a business man to deliver and continue to innovate the equipment that will keep you training. 12 years of equipment to keep your striking precise and your trainer protected. ⚔️
This is what happened when I showed up for YOGA at the wrong gym 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤣 #hawaiianstyle #training @alakai_crossfit
Everybody has that friend that shows up looking goofy AF to train. Mine just happens to be #fedoremelianenko 🤷‍♂️ He still whooped my ass. Can’t wait to see him and @sonnench fight! #bellator @bellatormma
I do this because I love it. ❤️No other reason. I straight up love to train, I love making equipment to train with, I love the athletes and coaches that train with me, I love that they’re are gyms all over the world that I can train at. I’m devoted to fight game on a deep level of learning, training, teaching, and doing my best to give back. I’m not in it to make a quick dollar or bolster my resume. I did this shit back when we would have to cross the border into TJ Mexico to support our teammates and gym because it was illegal in California. There’s a few in my industry that share the same passion, the kind of passion that makes you obsess about training even though you just had shoulder surgery 7 weeks ago and have metal in you jaw, neck and back. Thank you Martial Arts for this life, I’ll never take it for granted. 🙏🙌 #forthelove —————— Thanks @montanamuaythai @jasonmags_ @photomark81 for the fun sesh at the #boarsnestmma
Why so mad @rampage4real 🤷‍♂️ can’t we all just get along.. #headkickthursday
As a business man and father, I know that it’s tough to always get your kids in the new gear. Especially with everything that they can be into. I wanna help you guys out, I’m giving away 2 pairs of our NEW @triumphunited kids gear, and 2 pairs of shorts. Going to make it easy, comment below with your fav emoji and tag a friend that could use the gear for their kids, girl / boy friends kids, grand kids whatever and shorts too. Basic as hell. Again as a parent of two boys, I know what’s up. 👇 Start Now! #triumphunited #kidsgear #shorts
Super HEAVYWEIGHT SUMO HANS. 260lb You have to go through your worst to get to your best. After I broke my neck, and had it fused I recovered WRONG in the way of diet . Although I was still working out, my eating habits were horrible. I ate unhealthy foods and drank copious amounts of alcohol, convincing myself it was ok because I was “recovering” and working out. The idiotic part, was that I’ve never done this before. I’ve been injured many, many times and have had many many surgeries, casts, stitches and staples. Mentally, I fell victim to a weak mindset and took the easy way out. I’ve always recovered fast, but stayed healthy, eating clean, drinking alkaline water and staying In constant motion allowing the blood to heal the body. I’m back down to 225lb, still working on getting leaner, but most importantly not being mentally weak and submissive to poor lifestyle choices. We all have the ability to be healthy in the mind and body, it starts with believing in yourself and having discipline. If I can do it, you can too. GET After It stay strong. As my shoulder is healing, my goal is to gain the muscle back, and be in the best looking physical shape ever at 41 years old. Not gonna lie, Ben and Jerry’s, IPA’s, Fried Rice, and Carne Asada burritos are delicious 🤷‍♂️. ( Those scars are from my L4-L5 lumbar fusion) ⚡️#eatclean #drinkwater #stayinmotion
Transitions 🦍 I’m so excited to watch @mattmitrione fight @ryanbader in @bellatormma these two are so athletic, explosive and dangerous. Who’s your pick? #bjj #darce
Every so often I question myself, why didn’t I stick with golf? 🤷‍♂️ @officialcainvelasquez playing a game of let’s relocate your jaw! He won that game ☹️
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