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very mediocre edits

happy valentine’s day! love you guys 💕💘💓💖💗💝
sampai 😫 dt- @papasharks pls tag him
we miss you is an understatement
k*lvin g*rr*h cis king 😤 dt: @kalvingarrah @kaleblaze
blessed to share a birthday with this amazing human. Happy birthday @kleinhila ! i appreciate you so much and i hope you have the greatest of days bc you deserve it! sorry for not posting. not feeling very motivated. also this sucks so much i am so sorry! (soz for reposting the quality keeps getting messed up)
meme lord @themilesmckenna
how that taste @st0rmryan @ryan.stalvey idk if i like this rm/ac/dt:@/bitterfcuk #abiencerct2
happy birthday felix uwuwuwuwuuw @pewdiepie this sucks lmao rm/ac : @/kcwciihoe pic creds : @/delicate.felix tc : @/videostartransitions dt: @kjell.mp4 tags: #pewdiepie #pewdiepieedit #pewds #pewdsedit #FelixArvidUlfKjellberg #FelixKjellberg #FelixKjellbergEdit #JackSepticEye #JackSepticEyeEdit #phoneeditor #vs #vsedit #videostar #videostaredit #videostartutorial
name a better duo.. i’ll wait this is so simple sksksk my audio 🤩
i love it - @st0rmryan @ryan.stalvey @aryngarrigan @sparyn - my very first collab with the lovely and talented @e.pochh !
‘s a v simple edit for the people i love most. i love these dorks so much i can’t even explain it, and it breaks my heart that they’re receiving so much hate. i will forever stick by these two. they mean so much to me, n they are going thru sum shit and need time to heal. they work so hard and have done so much for so many people. i wish people would just stfu and leave them alone :( these two are my actual world and i adore them - @h3h3productions @kleinhila ALSO I AM STARTING A GROUP! check my recent for rules :)
puff puff - - @st0rmryan @ryan.stalvey @st0rmszooted i made this in study hall lmao #guccist0rmrct
big uwu energy @brendonurie ib/ac: @/bitterfcuk my coloring #spacelightgrp #geniegrprevamp
h3h3: ball rider i made this in like .2 secs lmao - @h3h3productions @kleinhila who downloaded their new app??
kaycee clark; the loml - @kcsince1987 this is so bad i am so sorry :( i haven’t really had motivation to edit but enjoy this
so filthy - @sushitrash
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