•H 1 T •M E N T A L I T Y 🌬 Volume Up 🔊 Heard From Miles Away📢 3mail: Eotent@yahoo.com #oakcliff

#1 Strict Show was Lit 🔥 •Legendary Mentality
One Night . One Goal . One Army ⚠️ @lildontdodrugs @99therebel @scarsponeej @therealdjhash @f.ckdennis Trust the process..
Strict SHIT !!! #pullup ⛓🧨
If she tryna fuck with no rubber 👊🏽hit ha in tha JAW🐁
Aye this Hoe old but the message still clear🥶 *STOP PLAYING * (link in my bio)
Dear moma LOVE•Y0U moma 📌
•🖤I just want tha neck baby 🖤•
Dom this yo track👣👣🤝Hy ..... I Be bored dab Getting a 💼 Bag🤙
Yo big Bro know what i Mean 🥶💦🧂🥣#bandup2018@300.eli GIVE ME YO HOE #whippinthatwatersplashimbetter {tell ya brother}
You’ll be surprised ✍🏿✔️#H1TMentality Stay Alert 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨➿
Money 💰 x Sleep ♻️ My only routine ✔️
Everybody Got a pistol • Neither one got a heart 🖤📝📌
Whole Lotta shit Been clouding my vision 🌬
🔒What’s on ya Mind ......
🀄️ We got tha foreign and brand new Bugatti Been dogin these bitches Jonny and and Scottie 🚩
When i pop out wit this hoe 🔒 your brother/ cousin/ baby daddy/ uncle etc... Gone get jumped for no reason ⚠️. #itdoesthattoyou
2018 Showed me how to look out for myself ❗️ Can’t be that same kid that gave everybody what they wanted🗣 #legendmentality 🌬 and appreciate yourselves more ....
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