Gigi Hadid

⚁⚂ xx 🕊 [intoku] IMG Models Worldwide. twitter: gigihadid

Feelin extra fresh headed to my second @victoriassecret show fitting bc #ivoted today ! Sticker even changed looks w me 😄 Ps. Can’t waaaiiiiitttt for VS rehearsals tomorrow & can’t wait for u to see my looks / the show 📺 airing Dec 2nd on ABC !
Happiest Birthday to my amazing dad, you have never stopped cracking me (& yourself) up 🤣 !!! love you more than words can say and can’t wait to celebrate you this week @mohamedhadid ❤️🎂
Heading to @victoriassecret show fittings is very exciting ! 💕 and SO IS THE FACT THAT WE GET TO GO VOTE TOMORROW FOR WHAT IS IMPORTANT TO US AND WHAT WE WANT OUR COUNTRY TO LOOK LIKE !!!!!! Please vote tomorrow if you haven’t already ☺️🙏🗳 A lot of us have work, but polls open @ 6-7am and close around 7-8pm, check your voting location & make a plan ! x
#HMOSCHINO ! NOV 8th ! Tell us more, @itsjeremyscott ! #HMOSCHINO 📺🧡💚💕💙 #ad @hm @moschino
Felt like bein crafty more than dressing up today 👩🏼‍🎨 so I painted me a jack-o-lantern ! 🎃 🎃 🎃 HAPPY HALLOWEEN !!!!!!! (@erinparsonsmakeup you proud of me? 😄)
opened the @moschino x @hm show last night 🗽🗽✨ huge thanks to my amazing friend @itsjeremyscott , it’s been so fun to be a part of this project with you ! #HMOSCHINO
Honored to have redesigned @faoschwarz ' iconic Toy Solider uniforms 🙏‼️✨ I have such amazing and vivid memories growing up and visiting FAO with my family. The uniforms will be worn at the new FAO Schwarz 30 Rockefeller Plaza flagship which opens on Friday, November 16th and at all FAO posts Internationally ‼️ #ReturnToWonder 🦒🗽❤️ Huge thanks to my friend @jimmyfallon & everyone at @fallontonight for your support always & for helping me unveil this project last night ! Big love! 🍔
flyin home to my happy place ❤️
Depois do trabalho .. 🇧🇷 thanks to my friends at @priverevaux for the gifts ! x #bluelightblocking #themlk
My inner child has been bursting with excitement and pride to be part of an ICONIC revival in #NYC : #ReturnToWonder ‼️‼️ Tune in to @fallontonight Tuesday night 10/23 as my friend @jimmyfallon helps me reveal a surprise @FAOSchwarz and I have been dying to share ❤️🗽🎊🎖😁
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SUNSHINE GAL @AUSTYN. My partner in everything (from @unicefusa field visits to art discovery & beyond !!!!) I love you and am forever inspired by your spirit, creativity, and intelligence. A friend to the world. You deserve the best STYN MUFFIN thanks for being you.
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