Ghada Hadid Harnden

Keep on winning Adam. Happy birthday.
Happy birthday my sunshine. You are a gift from above to me, your parents and to all the people that meet you. A winner, an innovator, and a beauty. Love you.
Love Deena and Nabeel, gifted and beautiful.
Yesterday the Hadid family lost my very dear cousin, Jawad Hadid. He was born in Safad, Palestine and was exiled to Syria in 1948 when he was about 10 years old. Despite the great difficulties of being a refugee, through his life, he was an extraordinary business success, a political leader and an exceptionally fine and decent man. I, along with many others, will miss him deeply.
That is how the Zionist forced my father’s family to leave Safad. Today sitting in my living room in the US, I hear that my very close cousin Jawad Hadid ,a great man and an accomplished Banker and politician died. His family and mine were forced out in 1948 and ended up in Syria. my father moved us to other countries, but Jawad and I Kept in touch. I want to mourn him with my other cousins, but it is not possible. Our Hadid Family has been thrown out from our beloved Safad . We are living in diaspora , not allowed to even visit our ancestors homes and graves. Zionism is evil, it promotes killing, displacement, abusing non Jews in palestine. I am morning my cousin Jawad alone, and stand with all the Palestinians living under inhumane Zionism. #free Palestine 🇵🇸.
Precious moments with Hedi in Geneva, love that smile.
Upside down Christmas decorations in Megève,Switzerland.
Memories from the Canary Islands, new year with Adam an Lina.
Christmas decorations on the ceiling of a Geneva restaurant.
Showing my thobe in company of my favorite comedian, and in honor honor of Rashida Taleb swearing into congress,as first Palestinian American.
Wish my family and friends a peaceful new year.
Glenn with Hedi and Adam on part of mount Teide.
Few of the rocks thrown around by mount Teide in the Canary Islands. Some are as large as a house.
The canary island has the 3ed largest volcano in the world, Slim and Glenn checking the scenery.
The Canary Islands, very special place with my loving family.
Tenerife, the Canary Islands, heaven on earth.
Mama 1969, the fist time she was allowed to visit her family in Nazareth,after 1948, thanks to the American passport.
Look who I found in Megève, Gigi and beautiful selection of her jewelry.
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