Francis Ngannou

One month until we go... #ufcfightnightphoenix
Always keep your eyes on your targets and your goals ! . . . #thepredator #theredemption .
Sparring daaaaaayyyyyy 🕺.
The very first full MMA and combat sport GYM in Cameroon by . . #thepredator
My Queen mom !👩‍👦❤
This is how I walk through my 2019. #thepredator #theredemption
2018 wasn’t a great year for me with many losses (professionally 2 losses and my aunt, Marie Kakengne, who passed away on Dec. 6th). It taught me a lot and I gained a lot of experience which will be my strength for the upcoming years starting on Feb. 17th. 🌟HAPPY NEW YEAR🌟 to you all and thanks again for your support and your encouragement. #thepredator
It's official now ! My next fight is on February 17th in Phoenix against Cain Velasquez🔥🔥🔥. #thepredator #theredemption #ufcphoenix .
Who should I fight next ? 🤔 #thepredator #theredemption
Only 22 years old but an incredible strength and conditioning coach 🏋️‍♂️. Thank you @acd_conditioning for the camp 🤜🤛. #thepredator #teamngannou
God's time is the best 🤲. #theredemption
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