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sᴛᴀʏ ᴀᴡᴀʏ [ SHE LIKED DBJSHSSHKSSK ] . me posting 3 days in a row? What a concept . ac me cc me dt @charlyjordan @lofxjgb
Eww what is this . Lol I just wanted to try out 60fps and yeah.. well let's just say I wanted to be creative but.. uh.. long story short : I gave up and it looks like ass . ac me posted on @freezyaudios cc me
they make me so soft nsjsks . ac: yt cc: me (kinda proud ngl) dt: @createths @soft.ethma #ethmaedit #ethandolan #emmachamberlain #emmachamberlainedit #ethma #ethanandemma #omgpage
What a concept. . Sorry this is so simple Velocity practice . ac: @dolanwoah cc: @revivaldolans for @emma.wilck @campbellsanders @camemmergang . #campbellandemma #campbellandemmaedit #omgpage #underrated
The way he looks at her.. like she's his most prized possession. - ac me cc heartregui dt @ethmatea @empahthetic @createths @soft.ethma - #ethmaedit #ethandolan #emmachamberlain #emmachamberlainedit #ethma #ethanandemma
Otp #1 Istg if we don't get a sequel I quit– . ac/ib: @grayfcknson cc: maliexotic dt: all covinsky shippers haha #andromedasgrp #thenbhdcult #moonbeamsgrp
This is thrash but they aren't . These two beans are literally the definition of underrated . Y'all need to check out their channel (it's Campbell and Emma) THEY ARE HILARIOUS . I promise you'll not regret it:) . ac: me cc: @dolanultra dt: @campbellsanders @emma.wilck #andromedasgrp
If our love is tragedy why are you my remedy ? . ac: @okaygriffin cc: ?? Yt dt: @admiringdolxn @kennysfx @lcvesimon @angxlsfx 💙
I love editing her sm . Insta fucked up the loop AND the quality :)) love that :))))) ac: me dt: @charlyjordan @charlyjordanxoxo @charlyjordan_f :) cc: me
ayee . this is my first mbl coloring that I've ever made and honestly I was just messing around so yeah it looks pretty bad but whatever . ac: @amorethan dt: @claudiatihan cc: me
Time for a change :) . Probably still gonna edit a few videos with ccp but I'll mainly use ae from now on . rm @heavenlydol
owns wattpad 🙏 —bounce practice . dt: @scarlettleithold Cc: me ac: me
repost for the last time . ac/ib: @aesthedolan cc: me dt: @realbarbarapalvin
electric feels ✨ . . dt: @charlyjordan [tag her maybe?] cc: me ac: @credsdolan
Ayee . I made a collab with the talented @admiringdolxn 🙌 Check out her amazing drawings if u haven't already! I really like how this turned out :) . ac: me dt: @admiringdolxn @ethandolan @graysondolan . [ #preserverct2 #monrct1 ]
Barbaraaa 🙌 . I rendered this about 12 times and I'm still not really satisfied. Welp . rm: @lustpetsch dt: @realbarbarapalvin . [ #preserverct2 #monrct1 ]
M o m 👐 . This is so simple ugh . ac: chaneldolans cc: me dt: @claudiatihan . [ #monrct1 ]
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