this account is a mess, idk what you expected. eat grass make cash <{•.•}>

this is jenn, aka makeup god. she is one of the MOST talented people i know. we met at xfest 3 年前發佈 briefly, then this past summer we reconnected via twitter, and went to halsey together. we have bored game nights with terri and although they get violent, it’s good times (until you choke on dice). this is the lADY WHO GOT ME MY CALGARY GA TICKET WHEN I HAD A BREAKDOWN. She is my best friend and i couldn’t ask for anyone better, JENNIFER, MY FAVOURITE CONCERT BUDDY, YOU DESERVE THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE💖 happy 16th my dude, now let’s go get those tattoos(;
‘scuse the lack of emotions
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simple, so antiquated. it’s kinda complicated.
this is sooooo late but thank you for making the last half of 2018 the greatest. i can’t wait to make more memories with you all. 2019 is the year of concerts and traveling🤪🤪 thank you, next BITCH
happy holidays to everyone but the people who can’t spell our names❄️
地點:Olympic Plaza
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if you zoom in onto my face you can see the slight regret of spending my last $4 treat yourself(;
before and after i found a doris day vinyl
˙ɓuıʌoɯ dǝǝʞ ll’I ʍouʞ ؛suoısnʇuoɔ ɟo ǝɔɐɟ 'pǝsınɹq ɯɐ ı ɥɓnoɥʇ essentially i got inspired by this one freeze frame from Jumpsuit; tyler looked somewhat venerable yet almost safe, all while looking up as the banditos threw down yellow flower petals. i connected it to a song called “Cut My Lip” off the same album, trench (go stream it), as the song metaphorically tells the underlying uncertainty of the music industry with the dangers of fame and an intense amount of pressure that comes with it. • • @tylerrjoseph @twentyonepilots @joshuadun • • #cliqueart #cliqueartwork #cliqueartist #clique #twentyonepilots #trench #streamtrench #jumpsuit #cutmylip #tylerjoseph #twentyonepilotsfanart #illustration #art #prismacolormarkers #gellyrollpen
heaven in hiding.
you don't get thick skin without getting burnt (very important video on the last slide)
slow dancing in the dark - joji it’s been a minute since i posted some sort of art piece because i’ve either been busy with homework, procrastination, or working on this. i’m sooo happy it’s finally finished; i think it turned out pretty decent. the reason i did this piece on an old vinyl is because while listening to the song i kinda got almost a throw back to the 90’s vibe but in the late 2010’s; so the vinyl was a clear choice for me. i worked from the single cover, and i didn’t realized it was reversed but iT’S FINE. • vinyl, gesso, acrylic, watercolours were used. • check out @sushitrash for some chill music • edit: sorry if the photos are garbage, my phone camera is dead #art #acrylic #watercolour #vinyl #vinylpainting #joji #slowdancinginthedark #88rising
god is a woman✨☁️ i got hella goddess vibes from @eringilfoy in @zane 200th video. in addition to this piece there’s representation of the three wise monkeys; see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. no pupils, lack of ears, and mouth is blocked. • please tag @eringilfoy (: • • #eringilfoy #art #watercolour #illustration #gold #silver #godisawoman #pure #carlyanderin #davidsvlogs
the only filter that makes me less scary feat. no cake face. in other news i still have confetti in my purse from august 28th.
tonight was a blast and i’d do it all again(,: thanks @iamhalsey for coming back and killing it. i genuinely want you to know you have changed my life for the better💖 also s/o to all the really cool people i met today you guys were a blast to party with, also the first like 5 people who arrived before me i never caught your names but you guys were great too
地點:MacEwan Hall
your actions scream through a mouth sealed shut. • i see halsey in one week. oNE GOD DAMN WEEK OMF I CANNOT WAIT. i love this woman with all my heart(,: • please tag @iamhalsey#halseyfanart #halseyart #halsey #watercolour #ink #illustration #art #h #hfk #badlands #room93 #halseycalgary
at least they all know, all they hear comes from a place. • i was aimlessly scrolling through twitter, until i had come across someone’s edit of josh (second photo) and i got mad inspired. i can’t find their @ so if you know the person who created a photo edit in some sort of way that looks similar, please tag them!! • original photo taken by: @bradheaton • also if you wanna be a home boy tag: @twentyonepilots @joshuadun • • • #cliqueart #twentyonepilots #twentyonepilotsfanart #clique #joshuadun #joshdun #cliqueisgoingtojailagainparty #topfanart #art #watercolour #ink #illustration
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