Debby Ryan

local femme gentleman

spent 20 minutes in the gym and an hour in the spa — is that cool
Same hair same uwu same gai 📸: @bradheaton
found my tombstone
Mama said knock you out. @markceshleman said he’d edit it
A human eye roll walks the dog
in 2019 Menswear will just be referred to as ‘Wear’
the best part of Halloween is when it’s over and everyone stops being creepy and they put all the candy on sale and we can start wrapping everything in twinkly lights
what’s she doing rn 🥀
don’t talk to me or my bagpipes ever again
Patty wore colored contacts and everything. Full drew barrymore cosplay
Here’s a trick and a treat for you: @insatiable Halloween outtakes. Patty as a Charlie’s Angel (Drew Barrymore, duh) and Christian as Charlie Chaplin. Charlie n his lil angel 😇
you can’t tell but I’m beaming under there 📸: @bradheaton
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