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🇺🇸 ‣  Trumbull High School 19’ ~ β 👻 ‣  Snapchat: dansheikh8 🔒 ‣  @dansheikhprivate “Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching”

~ Alternate Routes ~ @not_dmitri @tylerferullo @ninjanick04 Dedicated to @mattgia // with @iandufffy @camshorey77 @gavinmayofficial @alioune.drame @cow.flips and many more🌴 Repost on your story
Afterlife ~ @declan_crowther ❄️ Going to @alternate_routes next weekend w/ @tylerferullo @mattgia @josh.salem so look out for posts from there
Finesse ~ @marqflips Really salty I had to make this edit twice bc After effects crashed. Repost on your story🌴
It’s been a while ~ @tylerferullo @josh.salem @technijon sorry for the rushed edit
Bad ~ @aldenspencer_ Repost on your story🔥🌴
~ This is our story ~ @tylerferullo @josh.salem Should I make more edits that I film?
Forever ~ @ryanmalloy_ how many twists did ryan do in this whole video??
Like I Do ~ @camshorey77 Time for an editing comeback😎
In The End ~ @aldenspencer_ Hopefully, gas edits up soon🔥
~🎉 7k 🎉~ thanks to everyone who made this year of my life amazing🌴 @aldenspencer_ @sainioaleksi @lucaskofoed @camshorey77 #birthdayboy
~ Appalling ~ Finish the statement: This edit is ___________. @aricogen31 @camshorey77 @ryanmalloy_ @marqflips
~ I N S P I R E ~ Thought I would mix hype with cinematography @aricogen31 @camshorey77 @ryanmalloy_
Misery ~ @aldenspencer_ Giveaway is almost over😬 @camshorey77 @ryanmalloy_ @tylerferullo
EDIT GIVEAWAY🔥 Win a Collab Edit by @Sivvert and myself of any style you want Rules To Enter: •Follow me and @sivvert •Shout this out on your story •Comment “😍🔥” or tag someone when done (You may comment as many times as you like, it will only increase your chance of winning) ~Winner will be announced next Sunday~ @camshorey77 @mattgia @ryanmalloy_ @tylerferullo @johnnyy.flipss
Getting back into flips😎 with @tylerferullo @josh.salem sorry about the bad edit i re made it 3 times bc my computer kept crashing | @camshorey77 @grxceflips @james.ragusa @mattgia
~ Another one of the 8 DC Flips edits I made @skylargugenberger ~ #edits #holymoly
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