Cody Orlove

cody l 17 l chicago l in love with my babyy❤️ my goal is just to make everyone be happy&laugh ☻

he’s ugly 😪
I miss her so much. I haven’t seen her in weeks, I get to see you very soon baby. i love you😭💕
Pretty sure I look the same😤❤️ #10YearChallenge
Which date would you pick?¿ 🤔😍
get yourself a bestfriend who goes out of their way to take your Instagram photos! 😂😍
you’re incredi-bowl 💕🎱
NEW YEAR NEW ME💔😪 Tag 4 FRIENDS! I’ll be dming 200 people who do🙏🏻
when your girl assumes you’re cheating😨💔 Tag 4 FRIENDS, and I’ll be dming 100 people who do!😋
someone beat me up.. (It’s just a joke, it’s made to look fake😂”
merry kissmas! 😘❤️ we are still in the holiday spirit😂
who should I fight? 😏🥊
netflix, and chill ? 😍😩
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