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Week one down here in India. By far some of the most intense action sequences I’ve been apart of and the heat certainly adds an edge to it but damn we’re getting good stuff!! gonna be unreal. The first shot is of our director, the insanely talented @thesamhargrave 👍👍🤙🤙@zocobodypro @bobbydazzler84 @rudhrakshjaiswal1 @bengrayson @thematicentertainment @agbofilms #netflix
Happy birthday to my big brother Luke, thank you for teaching me to play footy, teaching me to surf, taking me to boxing class, letting me use your ID card so I could go out with you and your friends when I was a young pup, showing me how to be a great dad, encouraging me to get into acting, taking care of me when bigger kids wanted to hurt me, always making me laugh, telling me not to worry so much and enjoy every moment and for driving round Australia in a golf cart and taking a cardboard cut out of me with you so I could feel like I was there too. You’re my hero. Love you mate @hemsworthluke
Kicking the week off with some good old fashioned “attack the bag cause it won’t attack you back and you’ll feel super tough” 💪💪💪
Beyond thankful for the kindness and generosity that the people of India have extended to us while making our little film here 🙏🙏👍👍@thesamhargrave #netflix
Picked up a hitchhiker, wasn’t a serial killer which we were stoked about and just happened to be a kick ass musician Scott Hildebrand @scotthilde 🤙👍#WelcomeToAustralia @australia @zocobodypro
That’s a wrap on MIB for me!! From London to Morocco to Italy and NYC. Thank you to all the fantastic cast and crew who took part on this epic journey and our director F.Gary Gray, cheers for the fun times, big laughs and solid memories. Can’t wait to show what we’ve put together. see you all soon #MIB @tessamaethompson
Just another day on the set of MIB. Italy you’re too kind 🙏👍🤙
@elroyalemovie : In cinemas now. Response has been incredible. Thanks to everyone for seeing it and the feedback!!! #Repost @elroyalemovie with ・・・ The El Royale is open for business! Don’t miss #ElRoyaleMovie , in theaters now.
Somehow landed in 6 categories for the People’s Choice Awards. Most likely a mistake. But if not, I want to say a huge thank you for the acknowledgment and to all the fans. I’m beyond appreciative for the support. Vote at or on Facebook and Twitter by using #PCAs along with: #TheMaleMovieStar #ChrisHemsworth #TheDramaMovieStar #ChrisHemsworth #TheActionMovieStar #ChrisHemsworth #TheDramaMovie #12Strong #TheMovie #InfinityWar #TheActionMovie #InfinityWar
Bad times at the El Royale is now in cinemas !! A full blown psychological thriller set in the late 60s with Drew Goddard at the helm, a true genius in my opinion. Here’s some shots taken on set by the incredible @thejeffbridges himself. Thank you to everyone who’s already run out and seen it and thank you to all those who are about to!! @elroyalemovie @dakotajohnson @cynthiaerivo @caileespaeny #badtimesattheelroyale
We’re all pawns in life’s big game of chess #morocco #MIB @zocobodypro @azzagrist @elroyalemovie @naturaladdiction
It all starts with a choice. Bad Times at the El Royale, in theaters October 12. #ElRoyaleMovie
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