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Yesterday was an awesome day. We started off with promotions which I will talk about through out the week because it was such an amazing time. At night we had the super matches at Fight to Win where CTA went 3-1. From Fernando’s academy Joey Taylor fought well but came up short of the goal, I’m sure he will learn from this and come back even stronger. From my academy Kaniela Kahuanui was up first and had a tough match with Carlos Diaz. In the end Kanilea took home the unanimous decision! Zandra Fountilla started off a little slow and after getting caught in an omoplata was able to escape and submit her opponent. Zandra and her whole family continue to get better and can’t wait to see what’s next for her! In the main event Yuri went to war with Tim Spriggs. This fight was back and forth and in the end Yuri was awarded the victory. This has been a hard year for Yuri filled with many ups and downs. He really committed himself these past few months and I’m so happy for him. It’s time he get a FTW title! Next month he looks to extend history by breaking his own record at no gi worlds!! Can’t wait. Congrats to everyone who competed and got promoted. Huge thank you to those who came out in support. Blessed to do what I love surrounded by so many amazing people. #FTW #CTAevolution Portuguese nos comentarios
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CTA association camp 2019 is set for the week of April 13-19th! Association camp is something I look forward to every year and this coming years camp should be the best one ever! Can’t wait!! #CTA #oneteam #onefamily #camp #nomarshmellows #sushi #picanha
My heart goes out to those who are affected by the fires in California. The images and stories coming out of paradise and through out California are truly heart breaking. Thanks to the firefighters, first responders, volunteers, you guys are truly heroes. Meu coração está com todos afetados pelo fogo aqui na Califórnia. As imagens e histórias são chocantes e muito tristes. Cidades inteiras completamente apagadas por causa do fogo. Aqui fica o meu muito obrigado para os bombeiros, socorristas e voluntários, vocês são sem duvidas verdadeiros heróis! #paradiselost #campfire #perspective #heroes
Like a house, your academy, association and Jiu Jitsu can be built around many different foundations. What you build or can build will be a reflection of that foundation. I believe in respect and honor. I believe in doing what’s right. I don’t cheat, I take my losses as lessons and I teach my students that Jiu Jitsu is more than who you can beat. I know my views are mine alone but I’m blessed that so many people share these as well. My foundation is built on principles and my house reflects that. #CTA #martialvalues #oneteam #onefamily
When I launched Caio Terra Online I had a vision of what I wanted it to be. It’s finally almost there!! Thank you to everyone for all the support over the years! This isn’t my site this is our site!!! Over 1k members and growing daily. #Study #Drill #Train #Evolve #CTA Evolution
I’m excited to be visiting @tsmaokc this weekend! If you live in the area I hope to see you there, everyone is welcome!! #bjj #seminar
Success takes a little luck and a lot of hard work! Don’t just have dreams, work for them and regardless of the outcome you will be better for it. @ctairving opening soon! #CTA #oneteam #onefamily #dreamchasers
Jiu Jitsu is one of the greatest martial arts in the world but it's not that easy to learn. Even after you have dedicated countless hours on the mat and just when you think you have something figured out you realize there's so much more. That's why when I teach I always try to make it light and tell jokes. I want my students to have fun and keep perspective. At the end of the day it isn't the most talented, it isn't the most athletic, it's the one's that have the most fun that usually stay with Jiu Jitsu! JiuJitsu é uma das melhores artes marciais do mundo, mas talvez a mais difícil de se de aprender. Mesmo após você se dedicar por horas incontáveis no tatame e logo quando você acha que sabe alguma coisa, você percebe que ainda tem muito mais a aprender. É por isso que quando eu ensino eu tento fazer a classe um pouco mais leve e tento contar algumas piadas. Eu quero que meus alunos se divirtam e continuem com sua perspectiva. No final, não é o mais talentoso, ou o mais atlético, e sim aquele que se diverte mais que continua a treinar JiuJitsu. Sempre que um iniciante me pede um conselho eu sempre repito: divirta-se. #jiujitsu #bjj #CTA #ctaevolution
If you are ever on the big island you should definitely stop by @pennfitnessandtrainingcenter. My brother @bjjkim has been doing an amazing job in Hilo and I couldn’t be happier for him, his family and his students! #Terrabros #CTA #bjjhawaii
When Rudson was a purple belt he committed to chasing his dream. He moved to the United States, lived at the gym and did what he had to to survive. A lot of people want to be successful, but very few want it so bad they are willing to sacrifice what they currently have. Rudson is a dream chaser and no matter if he gets what he wants or not, one thing he will never have is regret. Congrats on winning the ibjjf pro, one step closer! #CTAevolution #JiuJitsu #DreamChaser Quando o Rudson era ainda um faixa roxa, ele se comprometeu a ir em busca de seus sonhos. Ele se mudou para os EUA, morou na academia e fez tudo o que pode para sobreviver. Muitas pessoas querem ser bem sucedidas, mas são poucas aquelas que querem tanto a pouco de sacrificar aquilo que tem. Rudson é um caçador de sonhos, e não importa se ele conseguir ou não o que ele quer, uma coisa que ele nunca terá será arrependimento. Parabéns por vencer o PRO da IBJJF, um passo mais perto.
As a teacher and martial artist I have an obligation to my students. Its one I take very seriously, I always come to class prepared, and although I don’t always tell them what they want to hear I always tell them what they need to hear. As a teacher I found my calling. Although I still plan to compete if my career ended today I would sleep well at night knowing that tomorrow I’ll have another opportunity to make a difference in another persons life. #blessed #teacher #cta
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