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Via @insidertravel : The largest kinetic sculpture in the world mimics the rainy climate in Singapore. #businessinsider
Via @insiderscience : Space food has come a long way to keep astronauts healthy. #businessinsider
Via @thisisinsiderdesign : We're so impressed by the Road Zipper. #businessinsider
This computer technician built a life-size remote-controlled Corvette. #businessinsider
Via @insiderscience : These rolling barriers could decrease crash fatalities. 😱 #businessinsider
Via @thisisinsiderfood : @shakeshack 's Innovation Kitchen lets customers try and critique new creations! #businessinsider @alyweisman
Via @insiderbeauty : @cirquecolors makes nail polish colors you can't get anywhere else. #businessinsider
@shopmedmen in LA is a dispensary that's working to mainstream marijuana. Footage courtesy of @crepesofwrath #businessinsider @joeavella
Via @insiderscience : This stomach balloon may help people lose weight. #businessinsider
Via @thisisinsiderdesign : This valet robot parks your car for you. #businessinsider
Via @insidertravel : @route66carmuseum has an impressive collection of rare and expensive cars. #businessinsider Footage courtesy of @crepesofwrath
The 2018 US midterm elections was historic on multiple fronts. A diverse set of candidates won big in states across the country, and several people made history on an individual level. From Sharice Davids and Deb Haaland becoming the first two Native American women elected to Congress to Jared Polis of Colorado becoming the first openly gay man to be elected governor of a US state, many US citizens saw this election as a step in the right direction for diversity. #businessinsider 🎨: @bi_graphics
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