Brian Ortega

#1 featherweight in the world.

Doctor stopped it and I agree. Broken nose and a broken thumb I was willing to die in there. Last night was Max’s night. I’ll be back. Thank you to everyone who’s always believed in me and supported me.
Tomorrow we crack this shit off!!
Reflecting on how much of an amazing journey this has been. From running in flat shoes to signing with @reebok as I prepare to get that belt. Things around me have changed but I’m still the same. Thank you to everyone who’s always been in my corner. #SoleFury #SplitFrom #andnewwww
Time to get this weight cut in. @drinkbodyarmor helping me water load and now it’s time to get it all off and they will help me rehydrate back up.
@bokamotoespn did a special with me for @espn . Comes out next week. Where we drove around the HARBOR AREA and talked about my life growing up. Don’t miss it.
Happy Birthday to the homie!!! @abnermares #latinos #mexicanos
Almost time.
Proud of you my bro always in your corner. You did good homie
Brothers don't always come in the form of family but in the form of loyalty. Happy Birthday my Bro. @renergracie
I don’t really know what else to say than thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you who made this happen. Where I come from this is a huge sign of love and respect. It’s an L.A vibe baby!!! Repost By tristaneaton: (Film by @chopemdownfilms ) —————— I like to see the good guys win. That’s why I pulled together an A-list team of artists to hype up Brian Ortega (@briantcity ) and his upcoming fight for the @ufc WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP. @chopemdownfilms filmed @og_slick @deferk2s and I all painting a collaborative mural while @estevanoriol was there to document the whole experience. LA you have a new champion in your midst - he’s humble, disciplined, strong and through the #brianortegafoundation he’s trying to make positive change in the world. BIG UP BRIAN. Good luck December 8th!!!!! (Music @drumetrics ) @ufc
Court side tonight in LA with @obj and my man @bslater9 . From them nose bleeds to the floor. 🙏🏼
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