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Twitter & Snapchat: @bitPimps - I make dumb (read sweet) pictures & post comments inspired by the Jason Ellis Show. #wolfknives #ellisfam #rds

Plot twist: It was her home
Just like on those sites you never visited, you must've been hacked, it was a joke, a dirty trick your friend played
That's gonna leave a mark
Stop it Bruce! Stahp!
Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.
You guys. No wait. You guys. Watch me, you guys!
The dark side I sense in you
Eff it!! 😲
Yeah, hi. My name is Cindy and I demand JUSTICE!
I wonder what @steveo has been doi... Nevermind.
Wait. Was he hiding in his singlet? #crissangelmindfreak
#10yearchallenge because everyone is doing it #ageless
Make her feel good. Real good.
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