only the beginning brodie 📼: @heyms
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new works soon forward 🚀
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music is the universal language 🌍🇨🇳🇰🇳
@kriswu stopped by the office today. We got the same birthday: 11/6 🦂🦂🦂 #wholelottagangshit
地點:Mass Appeal
35 years independence from colonial powers. #StKitts #Nevis #Liamuiga #Oualie #FuckColonialism 🇰🇳
MUSIC is in my veins! My pops singing a kaiso back home in St. Kitts ❤️🇰🇳✊🏿
I told my mom I’m gonna buy her a crib and move her out the hood... she laughed and told me, “Boy just take care of yourself”. #ForMomma
little bit of progress.. Made this beat on Ableton and then did some pentatonic inflections. #fender #ableton #offonoff #inspired
Sametime #youngespada
stay hungry, neva tusty 🇰🇳✌🏾
skinny ni66a 🤦🏾‍♂️
Jah please remove d fakes dem 😔🙏🏾
I'll never forget the time I heard this girl refer to my culture as stupid. I was at a group meeting of sorts for a youth conference. In this group I was the only person of Afro/Caribbean descent; the only black person. I don't exactly remember how the conversation transpired, but I do remember the conversation somehow arrived at the topic of the West Indian Day Parade (The Labor Day Parade) that takes place early every September on Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn. I'll never forget how she referred to it is as basically "stupid". People jumping up and down. Girls scandalously dressed. Loud music. She might as well have said savages. I was the youngest person there, and this woman was somewhat of a leader figure there. At the time I kept quiet and didn't say anything, but deep down there was this internal conflict within me. "How ignorant this girl must be", I thought. How dare she disrespect people's culture like that? MY culture. At that moment there sparked a desire in me to become better acquainted with my roots & culture. #Chronixx Carnival is beautiful. J'ouvert is beautiful. Playing Mas is beautiful. Be proud of your culture. Be proud of who you are. Be proud of your African roots. This is only the beginning. #SonsOfTheSoil 👑 🌴🇰🇳 -- St. Kitts Carnival '16-'17
Big bro 🇰🇳
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