SBD c/d @martyre

One day my hair will grow back but i made the decision to shave it off with a bic and i have to now live with being a potato
I hope u think about me every valentines day for the rest of ur life msz
SITe IS BACK MOVING!!! Thank u crazies for the love but Plsplspls no more computer warfare 💔💔 🙄🥺
This valentines day i dont think ill be with mine, i do know i will be w my friends and the music we started to make at 4am dec 1st. Theres a song on this shit for everybody!! Sit with this for a lil while❤️ everyone who touched this poured their hearts out!! And from the start i promised myself and my friends that we should only start making this shit 2 express ourselves freely! happy valentines day!! If u listen to this shit u are my valentines this year!!❤️❤️🥺🥺🥺💐LINK IS INJ MY BIO U GUYS CAN DO ANYTHING WITH A PURE INTENTION 2 save the world
Shadow clone weezy
Feel like im bout 2 go throwup
my son 🙄😿😿
I fuckin love this flicko
Schools out love!!
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