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Omg he looks so cute and short here (on the next slide I did some math to figure out if he’s really really short or if the other guys are just really tall and turns out it’s both)
Joji wearing hats
Yummy Edit: I forgot to put my user on this so if y’all take this vid can u credit me please? Thank you
This photo makes me com, com, complete (but with a u) I mean.........
Little edit I made
Never forget 😔🤟
He’s such a kid oml i love it haha
I’m runnin’ low on memes so here are some terrible ones I put together, and I know the last one isn’t Joji but it’s apart of the meme on slide 4 “You’re such a Don’t stop” I just thought it was kinda funny. BTW they’re 5sos (I love them to death lmao)
Here’s a lil edit I made, it’s not that great but it’s “aesthetic” lmao
This is AMAZING @lushsux
That’s cute
I love this photo lol
I’ve been really into Reality shows lately lmao, rn I’m watching temptation island and it’s getting heated between Catherine and Edmundo
Here’s some more amazing photos and videos! The first pictures and videos are from @alexmyc_ and the last video is from @matt.v.underwood
These pictures look snazzy thank you so much @matt.v.underwood for the pictures and video!!
Here is a video from Joji’s concert in October. Video credit to - @_a.lexi.s_ Thanks so much for the video :)
Just have this since I don’t have any other content atm, I had a really funny meme but I forgot what is was before I made it and now I’m pissed
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