I know for a fact this will stir the pot. But I personally don’t care. I can defend these until I’m blue in the face. @renanbaraoufc controlled that division while @dominickcruz dealt with whatever he was dealing with. I know y’all are wondering why I didn’t put @cody_nolove on here. Simple, he lost to @tjdillashaw in his first title defense. Then got wrecked the second time. He’s only beaten @thomasalmeidacb and @mizugakitufc put the work on @dominickcruz @raphaassuncao has been up at the top for a long time. I call him the “gate keeper” doesn’t really get a fair shake. Also I know Dominick beat TJ but you can argue that decision ALL DAY. Dominick’s only title defenses came from a young @mightymouse125 and @urijahfaber Mighty Mouse had no business at 135 he’s just way to small which is why the 125 division was created. I stick by my rankings. Thoughts?

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  • burkheadscorner
    @nbhoneywell02 Cruz got the judges nod. In a championship fight that could’ve went either way. It’s based on what these men did in the UFC. Not anywhere else. TJ is the better bantamweight and Renan has the second best accomplishments at this weight class in the UFC respectfully. - 5 天前發佈
  • nbhoneywell02
    Cruz beat Dillashaw. There is no way you can credibly say he is number three in any way. Number two, maybe, based off of what he’s done vs what TJ has done, but I still believe he’s the best Bantamweight of all time. - 5 天前發佈
  • steko_s
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  • smarquinha
    I like this one - 6 天前發佈
  • thesweetscienceandart
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