Who looks in better shape?🤔🤔

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tjdillashaw henry_cejudo

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  • mattias__9
    Both look good but both have different builts - 10 小時前發佈
  • joneal428
    Henry is in great shape but TJ is at that point where he’s at peak performance. You can’t stay there long but he’s so lean that I think you will see a huge speed and agility increase. It’s gonna be an awesome fight. - 11 小時前發佈
  • brodylawlor24
    @brodylawlor24 Even if Henry did have the reach, reach is only such a tiny advantage compared to the many big advantages dillashaw has, especiallywith an opponent that closes distance well - 1 天前發佈
  • brodylawlor24
    @chalen_persaud Henry cejudo reach is short af bro - 1 天前發佈
  • brodylawlor24
    @chalen_persaud dillashaw has the reach too😂 - 1 天前發佈
  • chalen_persaud
    @brodylawlor24 brooooo but reach thooooo - 1 天前發佈
  • brodylawlor24
    @david.darroch170 however I do think that dillashaw is gonna take the win because he’s a more well rounded fighter and is definitely more comfortable and calm in the octagon then cejudo is - 3 天前發佈
  • brodylawlor24
    @david.darroch170 size has nothing to do with the strength of a punch, whoever compares size in mma doesn’t know much about mma at all💪🏼 - 3 天前發佈
  • ryan_galapon
    @henry_cejudo - 6 天前發佈
  • david.darroch170
    The people saying cejudo is smaller and therefore weaker underestimate the pound for pound strength of a goddamn Olympic champion - 6 天前發佈
  • lucan_harley
    @best_casual_mma 🤷🏼‍♂️ - 6 天前發佈
  • best_casual_mma
    @lucan_harley no - 6 天前發佈
  • lucan_harley
    Henry Cejudo... You know this though, don't you? 🤔🙄 - 6 天前發佈
  • ghost_wolf512
    The comparison speaks for itself. - 6 天前發佈
  • willlll.r07
    henry looks better but tj will embarrass him lol, it’s all good having big arms but when you can’t hurt anyone with them it doesn’t matter, tj has mini arms but he KOs people with them - 6 天前發佈
  • the_wolf_of_sparta_
    Rafael dos Anjos vs Tj Dilashaw - 6 天前發佈
  • lwky.s
    Cejudo looks stronger - 7 天前發佈
  • best_casual_mma
    @bathingwookie true - 7 天前發佈
  • jimmyvile
    @best_casual_mma Lou Ferrigno would be champ if it went by ark size - 7 天前發佈
  • bathingwookie
    @best_casual_mma so is his head - 7 天前發佈