TJ Dillashaw and TJ Cejudo looking ready for UFC on ESPN+ 1.

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  • waymayne75
    Cejudo 😅 - 1 天前發佈
  • liamjohnson_sch
    @jason.hussmen - 1 天前發佈
  • wespattt
    @jono_kk_carroll you really think? Both physiques obtainable naturally, but I wouldn't doubt it. - 1 天前發佈
  • kjthao14
    I’m putting 100 on Vegas odds for cejudo lol. - 1 天前發佈
  • joe.brusato
    @thecasualfightfan - 2 天前發佈
  • j_1311
    I feel like tj is going to lose - 2 天前發佈
  • yorkshireviking666
    Natty as fuck - 2 天前發佈
  • xbdcx518x
    @905gonzo flyweight.if they were fighting at bantam weight cejudo would be gone in the 1st - 3 天前發佈
  • 905gonzo
    @moivison are they fighting at bantam weight or fly weight - 3 天前發佈
  • moivison
    @905gonzo idk, tj got a good team, starting to wonder if henry gonna miss weight lmao - 3 天前發佈
  • 905gonzo
    @xbdcx518x Agreed. Tj looks drained. I think it will be a very close fight - 3 天前發佈
  • moivison
    @905gonzo dude it’s 2 Inches, don’t be so pedantic lmao, ask a girl, 2 inches isn’t worth the stress - 3 天前發佈
  • xbdcx518x
    @905gonzo yea I was just saying 5’2 ad in he’s short lol .cant wait for the fight,honestly cejudos looking a lot healthier but the experience,flow and fight iq of tj is insane. - 3 天前發佈
  • 905gonzo
    @xbdcx518x lmao yea I know fam but henry is 5 4. Still very short but not 5 2 lmfao - 3 天前發佈
  • xbdcx518x
    @905gonzo idk if u thought I was being a dickhead, but yea I agree I was just adding depth to the comment lol - 3 天前發佈
  • 905gonzo
    @xbdcx518x you basically re-worded what I said... - 3 天前發佈
  • xbdcx518x
    “Tj cejudo” - 3 天前發佈
  • xbdcx518x
    @905gonzo lol yea cuz he’s 5’2 - 3 天前發佈
  • iaintgoneholdyou
    TJ Cejudo lmao - 3 天前發佈
  • arenkbernardo
    If @tjdillashaw can beat USADA I have no concerns about an Olympic champion coming in clean. A REAL champion would have fought Cejudo at 135 and put his own belt on the line instead of going down in wt and looking for the easy way out. Not today Dillashaw. #teamcejudo #andstill #cejudochampchamp - 3 天前發佈