Cejudo calling himself a champ champ is funnier than Tony Ferguson jokes🤣🤣

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  • pachinko_baby
    @best_casual_mma regardless of if it was or wasnt a robbery, he is still way too cocky for a guy who won his belt via split decision and has zero title defenses. - 6 天前發佈
  • theherb97
    Where’s Henry lying though...? - 7 天前發佈
  • best_casual_mma
    @rosecityryan he still isnt a champ champ, especially since that robbery against DJ 🤣 - 7 天前發佈
  • rosecityryan
    Olympic gold is arguably more impressive than a ufc strap. Change my mind.. and he’ll probably wrestle fuck tj for triple champ status - 7 天前發佈
  • j_c_roney
    Ahhhh Cejudo, what a small Weiner man haha. Come get me when you defeat artem, till then, not interested haha - 7 天前發佈
  • fahcough
    Cejudo is the corniest - 7 天前發佈
  • wokemandem
    Where’s artem - 7 天前發佈