Biggest upset in UFC history❓ @henry_cejudo defends his belt at on Sat 19 Jan!

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  • gazzy.n
    Biggest robbery in ufc history🖕 - 20 小時前發佈
  • home_geeks_usa_inc
    @one_best_ed agreed DJ is a phenom - 1 天前發佈
  • one_best_ed
    @home_geeks_usa_inc nah just luck. DJ is more rounded than him. Pity he’s not there anymore - 1 天前發佈
  • home_geeks_usa_inc
    @one_best_ed I only@let @USA baby! Gold medalist no luck involved - just skill and double blaster of champs - just a fan of the sport. You need to open your eyes that’s all. - 1 天前發佈
  • one_best_ed
    @home_geeks_usa_inc 2nd time lucky.. the guy was even shocked when Buffer announced “...and new...” after the fight against Mighty Mouse - 1 天前發佈
  • home_geeks_usa_inc
    @one_best_ed and now? - 2 天前發佈
  • greenteambc
    Robbery - 3 天前發佈
  • santi___kazama94
    @jmendo2a85 i was looking at the fight stats son idk what weed your smoking but pass it around u drop out kiddo. But i dont see MM fighting tomorrow on cejudo ? Please explain - 3 天前發佈
  • abvgd122
    @jmendo2a85 stats? I’m not a casual to judge the fight on stats - 3 天前發佈
  • jmendo2a85
    @abvgd122 close fight? Have you seen the stats? MM dominated all stats besides takedowns... - 3 天前發佈
  • jmendo2a85
    @santi___kazama94 umm no...stats are hugely on Mighty Mouse’s side...don’t know what stats you were looking at - 3 天前發佈
  • sun_god_stearns
    Cejudo won get over it - 3 天前發佈
  • minoe_tje
    👍🏽 - 4 天前發佈
  • chovan.ondrej
    Biggest robbery!!!!!!!!!! Dana’s job - 4 天前發佈
  • dariodistella
    @perseo_98 - 4 天前發佈
  • mdsaint3
    Nope!!!! - 4 天前發佈
  • christorres512
    Tj taking that booty and soul 😂👌🏽 - 4 天前發佈
  • tonybleau
    @mrdjt_ it was close as all hell...But when it is that close you just have to give the nod To the is my belief that you must truly dominate or outclass a champion to gain the belt...I think it may even have been rigged... they didnt want mighty mouse To leave UFC with a belt and "goat" title either - 5 天前發佈
  • j_k.araujo
    @_franciscojose Acho que Dillashaw fácil... - 5 天前發佈
  • wal_gherardesca
    Mighty felt relief - 5 天前發佈