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  • israel_1493
    cheat - 12 天前發佈
  • xand3r83
    @kibiparbz I get that mate, valid point. Just wasn't happy when he clearly looked, paused, then continued. But yeah..anyway.done now 🤣🤣🤣 - 1 月前發佈
  • mma_bat
    @maxim_gubarev__ сами недумеваем... - 1 月前發佈
  • kibiparbz
    @xand3r83 iv been fighting for 10 odd years, and i would never do it by choice, but when your in their sometimes theres a delay and its very hard to tell whats going on you know, i dont think they should be legal but while they are, i dont blame the fighter for the desicions of the ref or athletic commision - 1 月前發佈
  • xand3r83
    @kibiparbz I get your point dude, and absolutely right it's the ref's responsibility. But...I've been fighting my whole life and never put the boot in above the neck. And that's not in a professional ring where you're supposed to be in control of your training. Anyway.. I get your view too. Just mine is another. 😊👍 - 1 月前發佈
  • leonardokretschmer
    @junior_cesarrr Tá loko - 1 月前發佈
  • kibiparbz
    @xand3r83 in an actual fight it’s not that easy to tell someone is out of it, it’s the refs fault, the guy on the floor would have done the same thing - 1 月前發佈
  • tibetan_fam
    @kibiparbz boo - 1 月前發佈
  • xand3r83
    @kibiparbz in the kneck..while on the floor..obviously out of it?? Cheap shot in anyone's book - 1 月前發佈
  • lago_torres123
    Cunt - 1 月前發佈
  • kibiparbz
    @xand3r83 the kick is legal in this organisation - 1 月前發佈
  • kibiparbz
    @hamad_bolabgah it’s legal in this organisation - 1 月前發佈
  • vikkverona
    Take him off - 1 月前發佈
  • hoze310
    Lmao the dam ref finished him off 😂😂😭😭 - 1 月前發佈
  • jason.lloyd.lewis
    The ref kicked him from the other side. Damn what organisation is this? - 1 月前發佈
  • bigch2014
    @kanejp yeah I don’t like soccer kicks - 1 月前發佈
  • kanejp
    @bigch2014 legal but damn - 1 月前發佈
  • sup_menace
    if this is one fc that’s legal - 1 月前發佈
  • hhenriquepersonal
    Tem que ser banido do esporte - 1 月前發佈
  • gorg5
    @kenny.terrell 😂😂😂 class - 1 月前發佈