@motownphenom Kevin Lee (17-3) has won 10 of his last 12 fights since losing to @aliaquinta in their first meeting back in 2014, becoming a serious contender at the top of the Lightweight division. He now feels it’s time to show the world just how far he has come in that time, stating he’ll put Iaquinta “back on the prelims.” ⠀
Who do you have in this upcoming clash? Comment or below!⠀

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  • de1uxe_brain
    Скромность взяло вверх! - 1 月前發佈
  • anthonypepe_hb
    @talon_bjj shouldve AL is so underrated - 1 月前發佈
  • talon_bjj
    @anthonypepe_hb fkkkkkkkkkk shoulda just listened to you and put my $$ on al! 😁😁 - 1 月前發佈
  • anthonypepe_hb
    @talon_bjj TOLD you bro all LEE is a one trick pony all he has is wrestling if u take that away he is just average - 1 月前發佈
  • herrerrera
    @jxmiesturgess cry about what? - 1 月前發佈
  • iqbalkhbb942
    @xanfrannax what do you mean. I said he missed weight twice. Againts Tony and Barboza - 1 月前發佈
  • xanfrannax
    @dennisbuzukja nah mate Lee is gunna smash him easy - 1 月前發佈
  • xanfrannax
    @iqbalkhbb942 he's not that stupid. - 1 月前發佈
  • sav1son
    He acts like he's the shit but he got no heart - 1 月前發佈
  • sav1son
    This nigga stupid - 1 月前發佈
  • mario.s.mora
    Blah blah blah. - 1 月前發佈
  • empty___bones
    Easy money for Lee. - 1 月前發佈
  • dylm.17
    “Put him back on the prelims” but fighting on a fight night 😂🤣 - 1 月前發佈
  • jxmiesturgess
    @herrerrera don’t cry lmao - 1 月前發佈
  • reese_pruitt1
    It’s true tho al is shit - 1 月前發佈
  • benanable
    Kevin lee is a shit truck he will never be a serious contender for the belt. He talks to much shit and cant back it up. He quit against tony. He has been riding Connors style and the way he talks. He is not original its just cringey when he talks. - 1 月前發佈
  • 4th_perezz
    @beatzbybrendan for real I say Kevin Lee - 1 月前發佈
  • producedbybrendan
    This shal be a war. Stoked for this one @4th_perezz - 1 月前發佈
  • 30s_ot
    Do y’all realize when aliaguinta took a break and was out trying to sellihouses Kevin lee was in gym working his ass off taking all the top fights in division - 1 月前發佈
  • ra.cranston
    “Well that’s not very nice.” - 1 月前發佈