Marvel Studios’ @BlackPanther has been nominated for 3 Golden Globe Awards, including Best Picture!

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  • snpb1
    @jeff_collins101 Oookk...🤨 anyway🙄, I’m not about to go back and forth with you, because it’s an obvious waste of my time. I’m good luv, enjoy your tears & #goodnight 😴 - 1 天前發佈
  • jeff_collins101
    @snpb1 of course. Im right and you know it lol - 1 天前發佈
  • snpb1
    @jeff_collins101 *yawn* 😴😴😴 - 1 天前發佈
  • jeff_collins101
    @snpb1 pot meet kettle... You told me to grow up lol. Your pseudo intellectual 10 paragraph screed just reinforces that you are shiliing for a mediocre movie simply because the main character is black.Most of thecomments here attack the movie not because bp is black but because there are other way more deserving movies in the mcu then this. - 2 天前發佈
  • _joselainez
    Why not avengers - 3 天前發佈
  • thais_omartins
    @thiagodeoliveiramartins 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 - 3 天前發佈
  • kingorr06
    I love it when they get mad lol this Is why you sheep simply buy tickets. Nobody cares about your opinion clearly. Lol #bestpicturenod - 3 天前發佈
  • carmencita_ika
    @nomada_en_dosruedas ahi - 4 天前發佈
  • abdulazizdiyar
    Wakanda Forever - 5 天前發佈
  • h.fdepew
    Honestly, I loved black Panther but Inifnity War should get the award because of its all star cast and that fact that it broke box office records opening week. The only reason Black Panther is getting this much attention is the whole black community needs attention bs. It's annoying, same with Captain Marvel, its going to get this much attention as well because it stars a female as the lead role in a superhero movie and second lead is black. I love Marvel and not a single movie has disappointed me. But the whole woman's voices are now and black people are the new leaders shit is so annoying. - 5 天前發佈
  • da.starrr
    ♥️♥️🔥✊🏾 - 6 天前發佈
  • cjjenkinsfit
    @theaustexperience cuz trash predominantly white movies don’t get nominated enough right? 😂😂 - 6 天前發佈
  • judahhouser
    You think Trump stole the election... this movie fooled everyone. So wrong. So bad. - 6 天前發佈
  • snazzybear11
    @theduhon exactly! - 6 天前發佈
  • a.malmstrm
    @natteblomberg för att den är överskattad plus några rasister - 6 天前發佈
  • snpb1
    @jeff_collins101 while you’re crying, also practice your reading comprehension as well. I only mentioned BP’s box office numbers as an afterthought in response to other comments made about it not doing as well as IW not as a reason why it DESERVES not owed (as you put it) any type of award. The cinematography, direction, screenplay and acting by a phenomenal talented cast are just a few reasons why this movie deserves to win. People like you need to get over themselves, step into the 21st century and learn to stop hating black people and don’t say that’s not the reason because again, a quick run through these comments will tell you that’s the #exact reason for the hate. Personally, I too liked IW better, but I also believe BP was just as excellent and I hate to see people trying to downplay its accomplishments simply because the cast is black. It’s 2018, grow the f up. - 6 天前發佈
  • theduhon
    What a load of crap! Black Panther isn't even on Marvel's top hits. - 6 天前發佈
  • natteblomberg
    @a.malmstrm varför hatar dom - 6 天前發佈
  • natteblomberg
    @a.malmstrm oj jävlar - 6 天前發佈