2 units Overeem +110
1 Unit Ngannou +200
1 Unit Aguilar +425

Overeem is the better striker. The only thing to be scared of is getting KOed. I see him circling out and controlling the center, winning by tko or decision. Ngannou looked like trash against Lewis but I think he'll come in to this fight a lot different. If he fights like he did last time this should be a solid win for him. As a fighter who won in the first fight and is at +200 odds I think this is a great pick. As for Aguilar, that spread is just way too high for someone who was once a top fighter👊

Comment your thoughts, picks, and predictions below👇

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  • sumgait_fight_club
    💪 - 2 月前發佈
  • 01yiip
    @01yiip ***Beat - 2 月前發佈
  • 01yiip
    Bro... weili is gonna be the crap out of aguilar and overeem is getting knocked out, i like Ngannou though to get back on track!. - 2 月前發佈