I was wandering around trying to figure out how to get some product pics (like a big looooser 😂), snapped a couple, admitted awkward defeat, and hopped back in the car to go grab lunch. Remi then says, “Mom! I got some decent pics of you!”

Result: 👆🏼🖤🤷🏼‍♀️
Backseat creeper ftw.

I like how simple life is in the eyes of kids and I’m clearly pumped to have photographer Rem on board this crazy train because sometimes my creativity is a bust! 🙃😅

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  • graeandcrew
    @kwilde47 taking forever on commenting on some things but this one deserves some love. I’m sorry it took me forever! Can we please hang soon?? - 25 天前發佈
  • kwilde47
    Since I can’t be best friends with Remi, how about I’m best friends with you and Lily and Remi become best friends?? Lily loves older kids, how does Remi feel about babies (who are really babies anymore 😢) - 3 月前發佈
  • kwilde47
    @kelseyandy Hahahaha. Very clever Kelsey. I laughed out loud that was so funny. - 3 月前發佈
  • graeandcrew
    @juliewildesmith oh man. That would be a party haha. I would love to have been friends with YOU growing up so ditto! - 3 月前發佈
  • graeandcrew
    @kelseyandy ha seriously! Jason needs to take some lessons 😉 - 3 月前發佈
  • juliewildesmith
    I would like to be 4 years old so that Remi could be my BFF - 3 月前發佈
  • laurelrbennett
    😂😂😂🤓 - 3 月前發佈
  • kelseyandy
    Remi is the new Instagram husband👌🏻 - 3 月前發佈