Often I hear parents and coaches talking to their players before a match and I constantly hear the following “I want you to be more aggressive out there in this one”
So the player goes out there plays the match plays more aggressive and loses so at the end of the match parent/ coach says the following “you made to many unforced errors today!” It’s so important to clarify what you want your player to do. For many players being more aggressive in tennis means hitting more winners or going for more statistically winners only count for around 20-30% of all points which means that the rest of the points are made up of errors.
Generally I think most mean when saying be more aggressive is to go for a little more when the opportunity is there however it is never clarified by the one saying be more aggressive.
What is important is to always clarify what it is you are asking your player to do.
The other issue with telling a player to be more aggressive is they are going to feel more pressure to finish the point which again to many finishing the point means hit a winner.
No body likes making mistakes whether it be a professional or a recreational player 99% of the time this is when we see a racquet get broken or a player begin talking negative to themselves. This is why it’s important to always clarify and make it clear what your message is .

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  • faztrgram
    If you have to tell your athlete to be more aggressive in competition, the athlete should not be in the competition - 4 月前發佈