Life sure throws some hard lessons and situations at you but you’ll always have the only thing that really truly matters when it’s all said and done, yourself. Of course you’ll meet others on the way that will cherish, care for, and love you. They’ll add to or take away from your life and happiness BUT as long as you love and appreciate YOURSELF than no mountain is too tall to climb and even the deepest, darkest valleys will be illuminated with that love you have for yourself. I’m so grateful to be who I am. I’m so grateful to be able to slowly learn to love myself without looking to someone else to do it for me. I’m also so very grateful for every person that has passed through or still stays with me, within my life and world. I’ve been so lucky to be cared about and loved by others, with and without return. You are all so greatly appreciated for reasons big and small. Thank you ❤️ I love you for being you.

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    Hey, very nice photos! I like them =] - 4 月前發佈