Living in Florida I’m a veteran of hurricane evacuations but this is my first experience with wildfires. The fires on the mountains around George have been raging for days. Today the fire got a whole lot closer bringing evacuations and the smoke was so dense that mid-afternoon seemed like dusk. But at just the right moment God shifted the winds and brought a bit of rain. I continue to be in awe of the One who controls the wind and the waves…and of the One who controls our lives. So incredibly privileged to be a kid of the King!!! If you think of it, pray for a downpour of rain tonight in George which is more effective than all the helicopter and plane water drops!

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  • thomson1104
    Praying for rain!! - 4 月前發佈
  • marjikruger
    We are not in the clear yet. Pray for rain and that the winds blow the fire up the mountain - 4 月前發佈
  • mariachistonebanks
    Nice pic. I like the composition👌 - 4 月前發佈