: 90s cult classic is getting a Generation Z remake, 23 years later. The modern interpretation will be produced by Tracey Oliver and the script will be led by Marquita Robinson who is known for her work on the Netflix series, Glow. Swipe through for the main protagonist, Cher’s beloved looks from the teen comedy! What do you think of the upcoming reboot? Are you vibing with it or are you thinking ”Ugh, As If!”? 📸: Paramount Pictures

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  • no_rampin
    @fmishaal this no real classic. But I agree. Leave it alone. - 2 月前發佈
  • yuerain
    ❤❤❤❤❤ - 4 月前發佈
  • fmishaal
    Nooooo! Hollywood really needs to leave the classics alone!! 😒 👎🏼 - 4 月前發佈