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  • dn.laudo
    Didn’t he say he was grateful for his fans tho? This theory makes no sense - 4 月前發佈
  • fandom.memer
    maybe nah but if it was why do i still like his shit then w h e r e am i j o j i - 4 月前發佈
  • _.__.kyra_
    @joji.daily 🤠👌 - 4 月前發佈
  • joji.daily
    @_.__.kyra_ im not salty im just saying i didnt find it funny - 4 月前發佈
  • _.__.kyra_
    @joji.daily dood why are you so salty about this. Its just a dumb post and I just wanted to make a goof and a gaf. Calm down and drink a sodie pop, papa bless man. - 4 月前發佈
  • joji.daily
    @_.__.kyra_ usually jokes have a punchline to them - 4 月前發佈
  • _.__.kyra_
    @joji.daily sorry it was just a little joke😂👌 - 4 月前發佈
  • notanalise
    I doubt it but fukkkk - 4 月前發佈
  • clouds.t.r
    Niicee - 4 月前發佈
  • c_mpl_te
    @_.__.kyra_ i think it means the fans who reacted to him negatively when he left. Like everyone who complained. - 4 月前發佈
  • joji.daily
    @_.__.kyra_ chill its not my statement its someone elses - 4 月前發佈
  • _.__.kyra_
    You can literally replace friends with anything and it would work. He loves his fans he has said this before. Without us fans he wouldnt be popular. To conclude my statement you were wrong.😂👌🤠 - 4 月前發佈
  • 1blhck
    Im still here tho :( - 4 月前發佈
  • himo.sama
    O h s h i t h - 4 月前發佈
  • saddest_sushi_alive
    That's so deep - 4 月前發佈
  • murry_mcflurry
    Yooooooo tfff - 4 月前發佈
  • godsfuckingun
    Oh shit - 4 月前發佈
  • fraser_mayo
    Yeah he said “opened up now my cover’s blown” which must either relate to chole Burbank or that episode of the filthy frank show where he brakes character - 4 月前發佈
  • sushidraws._
    Shoook??? - 4 月前發佈
  • thy.realest
    @chrisdillanes - 4 月前發佈