I'm so excited to see my favorite boys tomorrow!!! These portraits from the @sushitrash and @brianimanuel episode of Hot Ones were originally going to go on a shirt but for now they will live on digitally ❤
Third pic is a related throwback to Rich Brian's 2017 tour haha

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brianimanuel sushitrash


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  • corpo.reality
    @ia_ia_cthulhu_fhtagn I just now saw your comment -- it would definitely be fun to draw that bizarre look! I've also been thinking about stills from Can't Get Over You :) - 4 月前發佈
  • ia_ia_cthulhu_fhtagn
    Oh man I'm so jealous! I've been loving a lot of the 88 Rising stuff lately and I'm so keen for the new Joji album. Would be cool to see your take on his Slow Dancing in the Dark look - 4 月前發佈