This is definitely one of my favorite choreos that I have made. I feel that this song is a masterpiece conveying so many different emotions and vague explanations while hitting you exactly where it counts. I really admire JOJIs artistry a lot, I hope he keeps making music for a long long time. Thank you 🍁!
Song : Slow Dancing In The Dark - Joji @sushitrash |||
Please go check out the full video on youtube , link in bio🙌🏻!
Scroll away if you are not in the mood for a rant haha. This choreo portraits a story about B. B is madly infatuated by Z who doesn’t closely know B and treats B as an background character in Zs life. In Bs head they are already in love. However Zs new relationship has hit B like a bullet leaving B behind thinking of all the things that could have been done and how Z has misstreated B. Because how come someone so nice could turn out to be a backstabbing whr3? B might be a bit psychotic...
TLDR: Nice guy asks for a pen from Stacy. Nice guy fell in love. Stacy is dating Chad.

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