Hard Drives Secured. Thank You @lilbaby_1 Nuthin 2 Prove Album On The Way @lilyachty 😎

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    GOT DAT BACCC - 4 天前發佈
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    @say__lesss 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 - 6 天前發佈
  • tiffndco
    @ambertucker exactly why you be getting cursed out now - 7 天前發佈
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    @blackbeauty27 omg leave me alone gurl 😭 - 7 天前發佈
  • blackbeauty27
    @_vvs BET 😭 - 7 天前發佈
  • the_jade_way
    @finerthings_23 dude Ashley 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 i dnt even kno how i found this commet - 7 天前發佈
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    @oyahmicca shut up nobody tryna listen to that Nigga - 7 天前發佈
  • kenya.morgan
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  • badgallee_lee
    @sherrysmith3367174 I answered your question you didn’t like the response, that’s NO ONES fault but your own. You chose to comment on my comment with your concern & you got a response you deserved. Now you wanna be entertained so I’m giving it to you. Anything else once again ? - 7 天前發佈
  • sherrysmith3367174
    @badgallee_lee by what the fact that your knowledgeable and don't know to answer a direct question 💁 - 7 天前發佈
  • badgallee_lee
    @sherrysmith3367174 anything else I can help you with ma’am? Since you here - 7 天前發佈
  • badgallee_lee
    @sherrysmith3367174 and again you sound bothered 😭💋 - 7 天前發佈
  • sherrysmith3367174
    @badgallee_lee Agian you sound like a whole groupie fool. 😁😁😁 - 7 天前發佈
  • badgallee_lee
    @sherrysmith3367174 first of all no one ever said everything disrespectful or called anyone out of there name😭 I said ppl love to talk because they can, no one ever broad casted or made it seem as though that girl messes with that man ! And everyone on this post is speaking like they know them, as we ALL do with celebrities so try again. And ma’am you don’t know WHO I know so that’s where you show your ignorance ONCE AGAIN. But move around me sis 💋 - 7 天前發佈
  • sherrysmith3367174
    @badgallee_lee I asked you a question since you like to run your mouth but aren't really saying anything. What is sad is that you do not know how to answer without attempting to insult people. You don't know these people however you speak on them as if you do... Lol - 7 天前發佈
  • badgallee_lee
    @sherrysmith3367174 HE NEVER MESSED WITH @youngmiami305 OR @thegirljt FUCK ARE TALKING ABOUT ! Y’all just be talking once again just because y’all have mouths! It’s sad the way y’all be so quick to put y’all own ppl down - 7 天前發佈
  • sherrysmith3367174
    @badgallee_lee He claimed the youngmami chick when? - 7 天前發佈
  • badgallee_lee
    @yungmiami305 girl pay these remedial ppl no damn mind 🙄💯 - 8 天前發佈